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2:06 PM
Release #204

It's the perfect weather for theme parks ;D

See what Mia's up to next in this newest chapter!

Stay tuned to next week's releases! :3
Views: 957 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Delinquent Cinderella, A Tackle on My Life
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13 Juliette37  
Thanks so much, you keep up the awesome work!

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11 Lyra  
Hi guys! Many thanks for the chapters!

However, I saw that a french group used your scans without your permission...

The french group is Shojo Candy and Co and they translate The guy who will give a kiss for 5000 Won...

I just warn you... because I saw that you gave the permission to another french group...

And I hate people who take scans without permission... If you don't care, sorry for disturbing you...

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12 Meilin  
Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!
What disturbs me the most is that they're not even giving credit to our group anywhere, and I know that everyone here at HMR's Palace work very hard to bring releases to you all. Unfortunately we'll have to discuss this with them somehow as we also would not want to cause any misunderstandings with the group who originally requested to translate.
Thanks again for the heads up! It's very much appreciated biggrin

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10 Mel  
Many thanks for the chapters!
Great job as usual!!!
You are the best!

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9 blue-y  
I just started reading Delinquent Cinderella and am already addicted! Thanks for all your effort to share this wonderful manhwa!

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8 animegirl101100  
wooot thanks for DC AND ATOML!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 LOVE YOU GUYS~!

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7 elly  
Thanx for the releases. If only Delinquent Cinderella was updated weekly. (I guess one can only dream) :)

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6 nooon-sama  
Thank U very much!!

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5 Ariel  
Thank you very much!!

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4 cellyon  
Thanks for the new releases! biggrin Also in the hard work and effort you put forth in doing this!

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3 Maya  
biggrin They are trying so hard to be a couple. It's really funny.
Thanks for the releases!

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