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1:32 PM
Release #208
I'm glad most of you have liked the new layout change!
I bring you three releases this weekend ;D

Silly Mi Joo 
She got conned by a cute little kid.
Once again our Volume 1 chapters won't be uploaded onto MangaFox until all of Volume 1 is completed. Another scanlation group has translated Volume 1 already, however they're chapters don't necessarily correspond with the way we break up our chapters, so to save confusion we're holding back on uploading our version.

What will happen to Soo Yung now that she's made a proposition? 

Mia's back on the race track!
Views: 1077 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: The Sexy Simpleton, The Guy Who Will Give a Kiss for ₩, A Tackle on My Life
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9 pyon2  
thx u so much for the updates..
you're really great~ :)

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8 Koneko  
Thank you so much for scanlating these manhwa week after week!

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7 cellyon  
Thank you for your wonderful work notworthy You guys are really great! biggrin

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6 Fallen Angel  
I agree! I really appreciate that you guys keep constant with your releases. It makes me extremely happy that you guys continue with this while some other groups have been lagging and we do understand we do have other things to do besides doing this but this really makes us appreciate your group even more with your hard work and dedication keeping up with it and having more than single releases sometimes. Once in a while it is fine to miss the deadline and or schedule but if its constantly missing the deadline it makes the fans a bit more...I dunno, but I sure do appreciate your hard work! Arigatou!

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5 celestine  
Pretty layout. Thanks for the work you do. I'm starting to fall in love with A Guy Who Will Kiss for 500.

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4 nooon-sama  
Thank U 4 the updates

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3 Ariel  
Thank you very much!!

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2 mary  
thaank you soo much for the new chapters especially the guy who will give a kiss.... i really find ti impressive how you have been keeping this shedule most other scanlation group have no deadline or shedule they could learn a lot from seeing you're dedication. so missing a shedule or beeing late oce in a while is natural..

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1 omi_1996  
Thank u so much all for your hard work :D

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