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9:57 AM
Release #211
Good morning! ^^

Guess what? I passed all my exams. Woo hoo! I just scraped through one subject but a pass is a pass right? YEAH!!!!

I am delighted to bring this weekend's release to my fellow manhwa lovers today.

I hope you enjoy reading The Guy Who Will Give A Kiss For 5000 Won & Wait Wolf this week.  It is always a pleasure to scanlate HMR's manhwa for you. I love every manhwa that she published and I love sharing them with you.

We are releasing our projects as fast as we can so please do not ask us to release any faster. Please keep in mind that we do have other priorities and this is just our hobby. ^^

Have a fantastic weekend!

-<3 Rapunzel-

Volume 2 Chapter 5
Will Soo Yung get over Soo Hyun if she dates another guy?

Volume 10 Chapter 40
More problem arises when a new transfer student arrives at their school. Who is this new student?

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13 Mana  
Congrats on the pass and thanx for the releases

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12 omi_1996  
Thanks for the releases and congrats on passing your exams!! I love your work :D

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11 miso  
i really enjoyed the latest chapter of wait!wolf and thank you for perviding this to us readers

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10 michelle  
YAAAY! Thank you so much for the release! Can't wait for the new release on Wait! Wolf ^^ Congratulations on passing your exams! :D

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9 Celestine  
Thanks for the releases

Hey alright, Congrats on passing your exam!!
Hope the others you pass too!

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8 Ariel  
Thank you very much for the new releases!!
Congrats on passing all your exams!!

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7 Angelica Dimeo  
thanks for the update
congrats :D

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6 sammieknd  
Congratulations! Well done for passing :D. ANd thank you very much for the new chapters biggrin

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5 Maya  
And thanks for the great releases.

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4 Koneko  
Yay! Thank you for continuing this even when you're really busy. Congratulations on your exam.

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