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2:55 PM
Release #229
Whooo~ It's finally December!
A couple days ago we had our first snow fall. :D
I'm counting down the days until the holidays! 

Weekly Releases:

Hwi Gyeong tries to cope with her feelings for Hwan Sung.

Soo Hyun has a surprise for Soo Yung! ^^
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8 Maya  
How lucky you are, it didnt't snow where I live yet.
Thanks for those great new chapters. smile

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7 LiLi  
thank you :)

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6 Koneko  
Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this.

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5 omi_1996  
Thank you a lot for the chapters! I love them^^ I feel pitiful for Hwan Sung... I'm waiting for the nest chapters :)!

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4 gatobus  
thanks a lot for wait wolf! I think I haven't see a snow fall since 2008, I love to see it.

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