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3:41 PM
Release #230
Hello everyone!

I'm really glad that everyone understands that we're all working our very best to get these chapters out the fastest we can! 

As for the spam that has recently become an increasing problem lately, I have been trying to block the associated IP addresses. Hopefully that'll help solve the problem. ^^;
Just a word of caution however! Please do not go to any links that are posted in our comments. We have no control over that content, and I wouldn't want anyone's computers to be negatively impacted.

Now on to today's releases:

Gong Myeong has a sudden realization!
Un Ho is so adorable in this chapter ^^

A very long chapter!
I hope you all enjoy :D
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10 keyra  
Many thanx to all of u. For ur hard working n for everything.
I love hwang mi ri so much.. and i like all of her book. (If I'm not false guessing she's a girl)
I hope hwang mi ri palace can be the best of the best.

Ah,could anyone here tell me how to contact Hwang mi ree directly?
An email or maybe twitter account. I don't know if mangakas willing to show up. But it's good if they are especially hwang mi ree. Cuz she's awesome^_^

The last.... thx again to HMRPALACE. again n again cuz you hv released mangas from my beloved mangakas..........
^@^[color=green] biggrin

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9 Ratih Rahayu  
thank you so much .. :* :*

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8 Fallen Angel  
Thank you Hwang Mi Ri Rapunzel and the Stuff. I deeply appreciate the time you've taken to do it, purely for everyone else who have not appreciated the time you've put into translating the Manhwa's into English. I have helped before though not much. I have helped translate just a few chapters as 'eternityxoxo' but that's pretty much it now since my photoshop won't work anymore and piles of work have been coming since I am taking a few AP courses which means = studying which I am not doing so well on. You guys are motivating me though but next time when I take some class that deals with photoshop and I learn a few pointers, I will again join you guys on typesetting, cleaning, and whatever is needed except translating haha. I can speak Cantonese (Chinese) but not Mandarin, I am planning on learning Japanese and hey, that means I could probably learn Korean. That'd be awesome. But for now I am content with just doing something but lately I feel awful I can no longer help. This upsets me greatly when school is taking up my youth. Sigh....

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7 Maya  
Well it's true, not only do you work hard on all projects but complete them once you've started.
Very admirable!B)
Thanks for the new releases!

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6 babygirljj  
thank you for the releases!!great as always!!

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5 kleio  
Thank you!

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4 Ariel  
Thank you very much for the new releases!!
I really appreciate your hard work!

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3 nooon-sama  
many many thanks

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2 Karolina  
thanks! you guys do a great job :)

0 Spam
1 jthy  
love it

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