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9:37 PM
Release #241
Back again for your weekend releases ;D
Sorry for my tardiness, I didn't have time this morning to make this post.

What will Nan Hwi do after finding out Gong Myeong's feelings?

What has Soo Hyun gotten himself into?
Views: 1052 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Delinquent Cinderella, The Guy Who Will Give a Kiss for ₩
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8 Aureliia  
Wow thanks so much for all the releases! The story line just keeps getting better! ^^

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7 aya  
Thank you so much for the releases:)

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6 jkjk  
Oh Chunja Chunja releases??

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10 Rapunzel  
We don't have a release date for Oh Chunja but we will keep you guys updated when we have some info.

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5 angie rose  
omg thank u sooooo much, guy who will give... is just the BEST. seriously my favorite project of any team of any author of any project REALLLY. does this site do donations for raws?

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9 Rapunzel  
Glad you like it! biggrin
We're not asking for donations but thanks for your kind offer.:) Our team just likes to share without asking anything in return.

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4 keric  
Thank you <3

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3 cellyon  
biggrin You already release a lot each week, it is really amazing!!! Thank you so much for your hard work!!! smile

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2 Larissa  
Thank you so so so much me and my friends love delinquent cinderella and it is thanks toall of you that we get to read it in English :)))

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1 Dalian  

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