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11:56 PM
The Sexy Simpleton

Hi guys :)

We received a lot of request to scanlate the prequel to New Sexy Simpleton.  Since we did complete the sequel, it's only right that we also complete the prequel for you guys. Aren't we nice? ^^ The Sexy Simpleton was written a couple of years before the sequel so the drawings are not the same. 

If you guys don't mind the difference in drawing, then I'll put this in our upcoming project and we will scanlate it when we have a free slot. ^^


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21 rossqa18  
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20 tysTpopmo

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19 labli029  
I'm looking forward for the new release of The Sexy Simpleton because I'm already done reading New Sexy Simpleton. :)))

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18 natasha  
GREEEEEEAT!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
i can't wait to read that manga as well :D:D:D:D:D

you guys are the BEST!!!!!! >:D<:*:*:*:*

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17 Maya  
I am glad you guys will pick this up.
It's true that the art doesn't appeal to me so much, but I am sure it's a hilarious manhwa. So thanks for making it an upcoming project.

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16 Mimi  
Oh I see :D !! YAY Thankies!!

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14 Mimi  
But what about the poll then? :( I was really looking forward to The Guy Who Will Give a Kiss for ₩ 5000 which was winning in the poll :(

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15 Rapunzel  
Of course we will scanlate the winner on the poll. That will go under current project as soon as LFO is finished. The Sexy Simpleton is an upcoming project.

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13 Abby  
That is awesome! Thanks for everything you do. I look forward to this one.

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12 Alyssa  
Thanks 4 taking the time to translate this, The sexy simpleton and its sequel are two of my favorite manhwas, now I'm going to get the change to actually understand them instead of just looking at the raws. Thanx again!! your all awesome. U have made me super happy!!!

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11 Cassy  
looking forward to this new release, I love The sexy simpleton!! Thanks A LOT!! :)

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