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Main » 2010 » August » 31 » Two Releases Tuesday!
1:48 PM
Two Releases Tuesday!
I'm back for another batch of releases for you~
Lol, I couldn't think of a name for the entry so it's kinda lame ^^;
My inspiration was Toonie Tuesday. Haha, our releases just happened to be a tuesday and there's two of them (x

On to the releases!

New Sexy Simpleton
In the last chapter we left off with the Prince finding out that Khubillai is still alive. Find out how Prince and Mi Joo plan to escape in this new chapter!

Crazy Girl Shin Bia
Shin Bia has finally convinced the villagers to accept the celestial ladies prayers. However Prince Mu Yeong is trying to convince the Geo Yeo Tribe to side with him in the hopes of conquering Ju.

Remember to keep voting on our poll ^^
I changed the spelling of "Crowded Yeonaesa" because it was spelt incorrectly before. Hopefully it's right this time ^^;
Also, another series was added "The Descendant of Dynasty"!

On another note, I just realized that our credits page has the url to our old blog =P We'll be sure to change that once we start the new volumes for each project ^^

Ohh, and I have some exciting news for you all :D
Our next release will be our 100th release ^^
Hehe, I just thought that was really amazing. It's all thanks to everyone's support ;)

So it turns out that our 100th release will be the one right after our next =P I realized this after updating our releases on there ^^;
We'll try to have something special for you all :D
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Thanks for the quick updates. Each time I return it seems as if the site has changed/improved. I really like the color scheme and setup. smile

It's always good to check the site because we seem to be doing a lot of releases lately ^^

Meilin, what is typesetting? Is that just putting text into speech bubbles, etc?

Yeaup =)

Thanks for Crazy Girl Shin Bia! I'm hooked on this story.

I love all of your projects guys, can't wait until u guys update Idol Shopping, that manga is also close to its end (3 more volumes i think) keep up the great work and looking forward to your 100th release.

thanx 4 everything i really love ur releases u r very fast!!!! biggrin keep up da great team work!!

Whoa... another releases already?!? You guys must be working hard for us fans! biggrin Thank you very much!! flower Definitely looking forward to the 100th release... icecream

I really wish I knew Korean, then I would totally want to join and help with it. What other kinds of things can helpers do?

Thanks for your interest ^^
Hmmm .. well besides translating there's always typesetting, and cleaning =) Lol, when I remember I'll set up a page for recruitment so look out for it if you're still interested wink

I love your work guys!! You work really hard to release when I know you have other things going on in your lives too like school or work. I really look forward to your releases at the end of a hard day of homework and tonnes of non-fun reading.

It's really worth checking your site. Thanks again for another fast update.
And I will look out for your 100th release, yes I think it is a big deal too!

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