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6:01 AM
I know you're all asking "Where was our weekend release?".  We have something special in store for you soon. Please be patient. You will be rewarded. It's going to be a special release to celebrate Christmas & New Year.  All our staff will be taking a much deserved break over this period and will not have any releases for you. We hope you understand and keep supporting us in 2011! ^^
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21 mary  
glad to know why you guys were not releasing any new chapters because I checked it every day, and was wondering what had happend heeh , anyway how you guys enjoy the breaks... I on the other hand have alot have my hands full with a very important project that I am currently doing, I can't tell how stressed I am!!!.I really can't wait until it's over...and I have to agree with the other I am deffinitly looking forward for the new releases especially bia heh

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20 koala1976  
I thought you wuld be busy with exams and things like that , You always worked so hard for all of us that you musy work on you work or studies now, al lot f kisses from me

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16 Mellorine  
@ Rapunzel and staff

You guys rock! But seriously, I have a huge exam that will make or break me after the holidays... My holiday will consist of nose in book... :(

I hope you guys are at least going to have a real holiday!! :D

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17 Rapunzel  
Oh no that's terrible. I would hate to be stuck studying when it's the holiday season!
Good luck with your huge exam! biggrin

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15 Maya  
Yes, I was really wondering...
So Meilin good luck for your finals!
I'll be looking forward to it, knowing you guys it'll be a REALLY SPECIAL RELEASE!
Enjoy your deserved break! thumbsanta

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18 Rapunzel  
HA HA! You know us well!! biggrin

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14 nooon-sama  
Looking forward 2 it ,,
Thank you so much 4 your dedicated work and free time spend on scanlating i personally really appreciate it

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19 Rapunzel  
You are very welcome! biggrin

Thanks for your ongoing support. happy

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6 jackie  
Okay, Rapunzel, we all understand and know you guys deserve a break! I, for one, will be very patience and wait for the special Christmas & New Year release. crazy

Besides, even I need a break, too. How so? Well... you know how it is. I've to visit this palace one or more times a week, read the announcement, click on the download link(s), wait for the download(s), post a comment, log off, unzip the file(s), sort the file(s), and then still have to waste more time to read. Haa... how tiring... dry <== *staff members*

Meilin, I thought you went off somewhere to buy bento boxes and never came back. oops <== *Meilin??*

Of course, if the bento comes from the restaurant, I agree with you 100% about wanting to eat one right now. Great... now you're making me feeling like this drool , too. <== *you know we DON'T look too good looking like this, right??

Hmmm... I was only going to say, "Yo, understood!" punk But how come my post IS getting longer?!

Come to think of it, most of my comments are pretty long. You guys know how much energy and creative process I used up, right? So who's going to pay me for "entertainment" fee, eh? brows

Rapunzel? Meilin?? Anyone??? fudge <== *dashing off in a hurry*

Hey, are you guys ignoring me AGAIN?!? cry It's almost Christmas! Where's the spirit of giving, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???

Hmmm... maybe next time, I should use this butcher method of persuasion?!? Nice & sharp, eh? He He He He He...

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8 Rapunzel  
LOL. Me pay?! Fat chance! :P /me kicks you to the moon. (evil laugh)

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5 Janny  
When is the next released??? next weekend or till christmas???

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7 Rapunzel  
They will be out after Meilin finishes her finals. Sometime after the 17th.

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4 X-mas  
ahhh i see, i check this wedsite everyday and keep asking myself "why they still doesn't released anything in weekly uploaded" finally know the reason thank you so much.

Hope x-mas and new year give us a big rewards like bonues and hope you guy can released 2 or or 3 chapters of Crazy Girl Shin Bia can't waiting for next chapters.

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12 Rapunzel  
It's definitely a big reward for you guys. ^^

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3 Mellorine  
Looking forward to it! And I totally understand the break. Some of us may even have a huge exam waiting for us after the holidays...


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9 Rapunzel  
Thanks for understanding. biggrin

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2 Benjamin  
i can't help but wish the special release is 10+ chapters of "shin-bia" :)

Still, if it wasnt for you guys id have not known of a good manwa like that one. Thanks and take a good rest...

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10 Rapunzel  
10!!! surprised That's... wacko

Thank you. We will definitely enjoy this break. biggrin

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