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There's going to be a few changes in releasing our projects this year.  As you can see, we are receiving too many spams.  To get rid of this issue, I'm just going to give releases to whoever emails us.  To do this, use our Contact Us section and leave your email with subject "Release". As I'm doing everything on my own, I'll release whenever I'm able. I'll let you know once it's ready through this website.

It is faster if I do everything myself, this includes: scanning, cleaning, translating, typesetting, editing and last but not least, uploading. Why is it faster? It's because whenever I'm free I can just do anyone of this but if I also depend on several people to help, it takes longer as I have to wait until they're done. I already don't have time as it is but I still remember you guys are still waiting for our next release.

I'm currently working on the last volume of A Tac ... Read more »
Category: Current Projects | Views: 82026 | Added by: Rapunzel | Date: 2013-04-02 | Comments (59)

Hello! Back again with another release. This will be the last release for the year. We hope you have a very merry Christmas and a safe & joyous NEW YEAR!  See you all back in 2013!
... Read more »
Category: Current Projects | Views: 31450 | Added by: Rapunzel | Date: 2012-12-08 | Comments (30)

Hi guys! Here's a surprise for you all. Sorry it took a while. ENJOY! ^^


Category: Current Projects | Views: 22004 | Added by: Rapunzel | Date: 2012-11-24 | Comments (16)

Hey guys...

Sorry for the delay in bringing you new releases. It's all my fault. There's just a lot of drama in my life at the moment with graduating from uni, plus working full time and other matters that are too private to share. There is one thing that I'm ecstatic to share though. I'm getting marriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied! Yaaaaaaay! No, it's not a shotgun wedding. Hahaha.  We've been dating since I finished high school and he popped the question a couple of months ago, hence the beginning of no weekly releases for you guys. So with busy planning for the wedding, helping my family and moving out, I have a lot of things on my plate at the moment.

I promise you that I'll get the ball rolling again once everything falls back into place. Give me another month or so.  I'm not going to quit on you guys. :D


Views: 20563 | Added by: Rapunzel | Date: 2012-08-07 | Comments (45)

Time for another release!

A really cute ending to the chapter! ^^

Views: 20884 | Added by: Meilin | Date: 2012-06-05 | Comments (37)

Back again with another release!
It sure is starting to feel like summer here ^^
The weather is so nice! 

What trouble has Hwan Sung gotten himself into this time? D:
Views: 8478 | Added by: Meilin | Date: 2012-05-27 | Comments (8)

Hi everyone ^^
I know it's been awhile, but we're finally back with a release.
Everyone at HMR's Palace appreciates how patient you all have been during this time. (:

Here's this week's release:

Views: 9045 | Added by: Meilin | Date: 2012-05-20 | Comments (10)

Back with another release! 
I bet you didn't expect another release so soon. ^^

A very long chapter to conclude volume 2.
Views: 12292 | Added by: Meilin | Date: 2012-04-21 | Comments (38)

Hi everyone!
I hope you're all having a great week. Here's a release for you to enjoy!

What will Soo Yung do after witnessing Soo Hyun kissing another girl?
Views: 8011 | Added by: Meilin | Date: 2012-04-19 | Comments (5)

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the extra day delay!
Exams are exhausting :(
I wish the best of luck to everyone else on their exams~

Here's your release:

We'll be back with another release over the weekend! :D
Views: 8554 | Added by: Meilin | Date: 2012-04-12 | Comments (4)

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