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Here are some questions that are commonly asked. If you don't see the answer to your question here feel free to send us an e-mail via our Contact Us Form :)

When will the next chapter of _________ be released?
Answer: We don't have a set schedule for our releases. However, once we see that a series hasn't been updated in about a month we quickly try to catch up on that series. Please be patient with us as we're trying our best to release as fast as we can!

Question: Where can I download the new releases?

New releases can be found in our release posts. However if you're looking for older releases you can find them under our "Projects" section of the site.

Will new releases be available on online reading sites (i.e. MangaFox)?
Yes, new releases will be available on online readers. Admins from Hwang Mi Ri's Palace will personally be uploading new chapters onto MangaFox, however anyone is free to upload or host our releases elsewhere as long as the proper credits are left in tact.

Question: Why should I register an account?
Answer: You should take advantage of registering for an account because eventually we will have certain perks for registered users. For example, when it's time to start a new project, there's normally a poll listing all the possible manhwas we'd consider working on. As a user you would be able to vote on this pole, thus you'll be able to influence which project we start next ;)

May I translate your scans in another language?
Answer: Yes, we do allow groups to retranslate our projects into another language. However, you must first send us an e-mail asking for permission. This also helps us keep track of who's currently working on what so there's no duplicates :3 It's also always good to check out our Affiliates to ensure that the translation you'd like to do isn't already currently being done by another group.

Question: Would Hwang Mi Ri's Palace like to do a joint project on
Answer: Yes, we do accepts joints. However, right now we're only focusing on Hwang Mi Ri's works, so please keep that in mind.
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