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3:07 AM
Our Projects
We've been getting many emails and messages in our Guestbook asking us why we don't finish a certain project or why we're taking our sweet time.  This really frustrates me to the point where I have to address this issue here. 

Firstly, before you leave said message, please find out who started the project in the first place. Most of the Hwang Mi Ri titles you see on Mangafox were not started by us, I'll say about 99% of them weren't started by us. Once we start a project, we always complete it. Please take the time to look at our website. It will show what projects we're currently releasing and what we've completed. If you do not see a title on our website, it means that some other group is working on it or abandoned it.

I can understand your frustration in waiting for the next release. It is also the main reason why I started this scanlation group.  I was once a reader too, waiting for my next fix and I was very frustrated at the snail release. I created this group so that we could finish what other groups abandoned or the ones that have been neglected.

Our current release schedule is 2 chapters a week. One from each different project on rotation. This way, everyone would be able to read a title that they like without having to wait months and months for a release.  We're not concentrating on just one project because we are trying to please you all.  Even though we can't possibly please everybody. Our one joint project, "Oh Chunja High School Bullying" with Rosa Negra is out of our control.  This is why we will never accept another joint project with anyone.  In the future, if we can't scanlate a project using our own staff, we will not start it.

Remember, we do not get paid to do this. We do it just purely as a fan of Hwang Mi Ri and to share our love for her manhwas with you. We release these projects out of our own goodwill and our time.  We give up our free time to scan, clean, translate, typeset and edit these projects so that you can read them in English.  We are already releasing faster than any other groups that is scanlating Hwang Mi Ri titles. Please be grateful already and appreciate the time and effort we put into bringing these projects to you. We can't release any faster than we are already.  We do have a life. We study and we work. We have boyfriends and girlfriends that we go out with.  Please understand that we do have a life outside of Hwang Mi Ri's Palace. :)

I would like to take this time to really thank my team for all their dedication.

Thank you MEILIN, MZUNIQ & IVY JUN. I love you guys. <3

I would also like to thank those who contributed in our past projects. Without helpers like you out there, we wouldn't have completed our projects as fast.


Before I forget, we do note your requests for starting a certain project. Meilin is recording them down to put them into our next poll. Keep an out and vote! :)

I think I addressed everything. If I'm missing something or you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer them. :)

Oh and what's with all the spamming these days?!!!!! X_X

Peace out!

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18 sus  
Aw, you tell 'em! I am super grateful for HMR palace's efforts and hard work, and for sharing HMR series with us :) For some reason other groups decide to pick up projects then drop them after like, 2 chapters, so I'm glad this group doesn't do that. Thank you so much!

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16 Yunhee  
Oh my god, I love you Rapunzel. biggrin I feel so happy when I see my name in this entry. Thank you for remembering me. I almost give up scanlating because of the lack of time. But I really do miss the day I worked with you and Meilin. You guys are just really awesome. >:D<

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17 Rapunzel  
You're welcome to come back any time you want. ^^

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15 bellebrunette  
I have noticed that you always finish a project, which I appreciate. Always hate dropped projects. As to slow releases, I have a life expect you do too. So I have no issues with that. Thanks for all the work you do, and please never stop!!!

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14 Moonlucille  
I wish to thank you for all your hard work. It's true you are one of the fastest sanlation groups that i know, and i appreciate it!!
good work !!!

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13 keyra  
Me too.. all i can say is just THANK YOU.. i'm freaking much like reading hwang mi ree books.but somehow it doesn't released on my country. Cuz of a hard working from hmr palace team. I can enjoyed all hwang mi ree manhwas by online n downloads. Many many thanx.
Keep ur best happy

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11 Owliee  
I think you guys are an amazing scanlation group!
I love that you guys update every week. Keeps me from going crazy from not having any manhwa to read. (:
Some other scanlation groups have unpredictable releases, causing months of wait. But from Hwang Mi Ri's Palace, I know what to expect: Quality and fast release. Thank you guys so much for dedicating your time to translate HMR's works!

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12 Rapunzel  
You're welcome. biggrin

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10 Bratcatz  
I think you guys do a great job ,people that complain should find something else to read while their waiting.

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8 Namie  
i ask me why some people complain..i follow different groups and you are one of the fastest ..every weekend, i know that i can read a chapter.. and this thing has not done by all

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7 keric  
As mentioned in previous comments, how can people be complaining? You guys are the most consistent team I know in terms of releasing chapters. Your dedication in bringing us the best quality scanlations at a fast pace is admirable. I follow a lot of other scanlating teams (as I'm sure many others do also) and they're not nearly as consistent as you guys. I appreciate your efforts for always updating us with new releases weekly. Keep up the great work <3

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9 Ariel  
My words! biggrin

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