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Main » 2011 » February » 11 » Release #170
10:36 AM
Release #170
It seems the majority of you have voted for the volume to be released all at once, so that's what we're going to do :3
Sorry to those of you who wanted a release everyday!
The expected release day is Valentine's Day ^^

In the meantime here's another release:

Volume 7 Chapter 31
Views: 708 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
Total comments: 10
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10 haadf  
thank you soo much!! love this chapter and loove this manga! keep up the good work!

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9 Eles  
Thank you!!! It would really brighten my Valentines day! and thank you for this release!!! THANK YOU!! I can't thank you guys enough!

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8 nooon-sama  
didn't expect a release so soon
and my my favorite one FBW ^^
once again >> Thanks 4 spoiling us

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7 alice13  
thx u sooo musch with this new release!
i'm so excited for the last volume of cgsb! love you guys so much. you're amazing, fantastic, awesome... i can't describe it with words.

i have a manwhua from hmr that hasn't been picked that seem nice ==> delinquent cinderella. if you would to pick it please i'll be so happy! (i'm happy already with your actual releases. don't mind the last sentence.) anyway, thx you for the new release!
ps: if you want more details about delinquent princess, you can go to bakaupdates, but there is just a picture.
pps: how was your valentine"s day, i have a friend that confessed to the guy she likes, i was soo happy for her!

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6 jackie  
BOY... all these releases! Where do you guys get your energy, huh?! Is it from? meeting

1) Coffee
2) Soft drink
3) Beer
4) Vodka
5) Spiked punch
6) Kimchi
7) Tobacco
8) Drugs?!? (whisper SECRETLY)

ALL of the above?! Recommendation ==> doctor

THANK YOU, over-stimulated team members!! happy

Meilin, thanks for that 'Ramen' hint. What a coincidence, eh?! biggrin

Korean and Taiwanese dramas now, eh? wink I prefer the comedic ones, too. But my mom prefers the emotional ones---the sadder the better. Ugh...

I'm glad the vote came out for volume release. I, for one, want a PEACEFUL sleep! sleeping


Valentine's Day is coming up! cupid

What's that? You want to hear my idea of romance? I have MANY, MANY ideas... serenade

--Take a romantic, moonlit stroll down the beach and gaze lovingly at me at all times.

--Hold hands when we go shopping, but get lost when I'm trying on clothes.

--Say 'Yes, dear!' more than 'No, dear!'

--Kneel down and say 'I'm sorry' after all the arguments.

--Praise me as often as necessary.

--Pay for everything and insist on it.

--Remember all the important dates - weekly, monthly and yearly.

--Buy me some flowers when we happen to pass by them, regardless of how many times per day.

--Enthrall by my beauty every time you look upon me.

--Worship me for my intelligence.

--Exclaim with delight at my culinary expertise.

--Laugh loudly when I'm telling an amusing story.

--Clap incessantly when I'm done with a performance.

--Glorify me to your friends, especially when I'm next to you.

--Open the door for me, even if you're far away and have to make a run for it.

--Stay by my side always, until I say 'Go Away!'

--Express your gratitude that I've chosen you, at least on a weekly basis.

--Stand in awe of me, whenever I make an entrance.

--Say 'You're always right, my darling!' whenever I tell you my opinion.

--Reaffirm your absolute devotion & love to me daily.

--Memorize 'Your wish IS my command' as your No. 1 phrase.

Ahhh... isn't my boyfriend LUCKY to have so many things to do to keep the romance alive in our relationship? love

Are there anything else? Oh yes, just a few more ideas that I'm trying to let him do for me. I'll have to tell you more about this later on. cool

Hmmm... after listing all these ideas, I'm starting to feel all romantic and lovey dovey... Time to pretty myself up and let my boyfriend be enthralled! eek <== *totally bewitched, NO?*

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5 Kara  
That's soo cute on Valentine's Day :) Couldn't be better. thanks so much guys

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4 Lizarazu  
Like I was expecting, the final of Crazy Girl Shin Bia will be on the Valentine'sDay :3
@Shiyuu: even Honggane is not released so quick as the projects of Hwang Mi Ri's Palace, I think that will end faster than many other Hwang Mi Ri manhwas (e.g.: Gangster Hero). Also there are some manhwas not yet taken by any other scan group and should be a good start for them to be next.

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3 Shiyuu  
elo =) thx for releases . btw, theres some hmr manhwas that never gets updated. will u add em to upcomin projects please xD like, Honggane. pls pls xD

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2 Maya  
Which day could be more befitting than Valentine's day?
I look forward to it.
And thanks for FBW.

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1 mary  
thhaaaaank you for the new release....

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