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Main » 2011 » February » 22 » Release #178
12:46 PM
Release #178

Volume 6 Chapter 24

Volume 8 Chapter 37
End of Volume 8~
2 more volumes to go!

As a side note a summary has been added for our upcoming project Delinquent Cinderella ^^
Oh and before I forget again ^^;
 LFO and ATOML will be placed on hold until FBW is finished.
But for all you LFO fans out there, I believe LFO will be our next project we intend to wrap up asap~
Views: 671 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
Total comments: 9
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9 iloveleonard  
This chapter of FBW was especially fantastic! I can't wait to read more! Thank you for the super-quick and excellent scanlations!

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8 Haley  
I hope you can continue Saesang Bring It On! because that has to be the best Manhwa HWR has written, in my opinion. :) Please continue Wait! Wolf and FBW also!!!

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7 Kara  
Thanks so much! Omg the summary for Delinquent Cinderella is sooo good. Sounds so interesting i'm extremely glad you guys picked it up :) you seriously make the best choices in terms of projects

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6 Bia  
I love you guys soooo much!! Thanks for all your hard work! I love all your projects!

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5 amya  
Thank you so much! I love Wait!Wolf!!!!! And Delinquent Cinderella looks really good too!

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4 Miyu  
Yay! Thanks as always for your hard work ^^

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3 nooon-sama  
" 2 more volumes to go "

THANK U so much

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2 Ariel  
Thank you very much!!!

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1 June  
I love the pace of your releases of When the Fox becomes Wolf.
Thank you for the hard work!

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