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Main » 2011 » February » 26 » Release #182 & Recruiting!
11:20 AM
Release #182 & Recruiting!
Another double release today :3
In case some readers are wondering, our releases will soon return to weekly releases, but we still have about another week of daily releases ;D

We're also recruiting some new staff.

HMR's Palace is in need of one or two cleaners that will stick around for more than a chapter! Previous experience cleaning would be helpful :D

We're also in need of a graphics artist, or more specifically someone who knows html and would love to help us with a new layout!
I love the snowman, but it's almost spring and I think we could use a personalized layout ;D We use to have an amazing layout in our old blog but I don't have access to that ^^;

So, please please please send us an e-mail if you're interested in helping out!

Enjoy your releases!

Volume 9 Chapter 41
Was anyone else shocked by what Yoo Ha said in the last chapter?
Well be prepared for what's ahead!

One more chapter until volume nine is finished.
Please thank MzUniq for her quick cleaning and Rapunzel for her translating ;D

Volume 1 Chapter 2
Two more hotties ;D
This series just keeps getting more interesting~
I can't wait until we find out more about Nan Hui's past.
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14 Maya  
Thanks MzUniq for cleaning and Rapunzel for translating.
And thanks to Meilin and other members.
So Rapunzel will only be able to spoil us for another week?
While I am very appreciative I'm gonna miss those daily updates.

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13 bvanessa  
Arigato!!! I love HMR so much:)

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12 Hime-chan  
Thank you so much for D.C. It's starting to fill the void of CGSB. Can't wait until those two meet!

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11 Kara  
yeeee lol thanks so much :):) Delinquent Cinderella is so good!!

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10 blacklilyjade  
Thank you for the releases, very much!!

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7 Ariel  
Thank you very much for the new releases!!!

Unfortunately I can't help... I don't know anything about Photoshop (for now).

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6 Tina  
Thank you for the releases!!! : )

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5 mary  
awsome the stories are getting really interesting and I think the new story reminds me alot of say say say say and another of hwang me ri work that I don't remenber, but it's getting really interesting... and thaaank you meilin, rapunzel, mzUniq and all the other staff members you guys are simply awsome... it's really nice to see hwang me ri's work that are really long getting translatet and released since so few scanlation groups would wish to translate such long stories...

(hmm I have just been wondering isnt it possible to change the code since it's really hard to see the numbers which is why I sometimes can't comment..

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8 Meilin  
Ah yes, the code.
Unfortunately I don't think I can change that D:
That's actually a part of ucoz itself. To avoid the code though you can sign up for an account smile Once you become a registered user for HMR's Palace you won't have to enter the code anymore.

Say Say Say will actually be put on our poll for an upcoming project ;D

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4 Bastian  
Wow! Thanks for getting guys are so amazing with how fast you work...don't tire yourselves out though...looks like Yoo Ha is trying to set up Hee Yeon...

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3 Ner0  
Thank you guys again for these fast releases.
PS: MMM... I've got a question... I've tried three times to download FBW but I cant... is it just me? If so... sorry for bothering you.

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9 Meilin  
Sorry ^^;
I read this, I was going to post a mirror since it wasn't working for me either. But I just tried again and it's working now :3
It must have been an issue with mediafire. Sorry for the inconvenience sad Enjoy reading now biggrin

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