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Main » 2011 » February » 27 » Release #183
11:34 AM
Release #183

Volume 9 Chapter 42
End of Volume 9~
Hehe, this chapter has made me love rainy days ^^
It's sad to see this manhwa coming end, especially since it's been so interesting finding out all the relationships between the characters :o
Has anyone ever wondered who has Je Kyeong's heart? ;D

Volume 6 Chapter 26
:o For the Idol Shopping fans out there ... The Ri reminds me so much of Se Ryun (x Lol, maybe it's just because of what happens in this chapter :P
You'll have to read to find out~
Oh! And please welcome our newest typesetter Eternity ^^
Views: 862 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
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15 heeby  
thank you soo much!! wait!wolf is so adorable!! you guys are amazing keep up the good work!! :)

love the ri!

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13 jackie  
What's this?! Already finished TWO chapters of this new Delinquent Cinderella project while still trying to release FBW daily?? surprised

Meilin & Rapunzel, you guys are INCREDIBLE! wow

MzUniq, I hope these two slave drivers are not working you to death trying to finish FBW? Poor thing... console

THANK YOU SO MUCH, tireless and indefatigable ladies for your unending releases! biggrin <== *can you see my happy & shiny teeth?*

But seriously, we are ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL to you guys for giving up some of your precious free time to keep us fans entertained! flowers

BTW, I'm glad Look For Oppa! will be the next project to wrap up. smile My poor scalp is getting raw from scratching my head waiting for the ending. <== *NOT due to any dandruff problem*

A BIG welcome to "Eternity" for helping out! bye

Hmm... I think I'll like this Delinquent 'Cinderella' very much. Why? Well... it's because I love Cinderella, plus it reminds me of ME. How so? huh

Well... I think I look kind of LIKE Cinderella. kiss *batting my eyelashes & gyrating my body in front of the mirror*

Don't you think so? Meilin...? Rapunzel...? MzUniq...? Anyone...? shutup

Meilin, sometimes you ran out of things to say? May I give you some suggestions? meeting

(good mood) ==> "Dear lovely fans out there, here are your releases!"

(bad mood) ==> "Here, you leechers! Make sure to thank everyone properly!"

(bored mood) ==> "I'm here. You there. Here are the releases."

Or, you guys can share your own funny stories with us! I'd love to read about them. wink

Oh, when you guys find an expert volunteer for the new layout, can you ask this person to put a Cinderella look-alike graphic image (symbolizing me) there, too? Can you? Can you?? dry <== (all staff members?) ==> *Get lost! Shoo!*


My boyfriend and I recently visited a HORROR HOUSE with another couple. Was it scary? Yes! Was it funny? Oh, yes! yes

Eh? Funny?? Uh huh. How come? uhm

Well... the MOMENT we went inside this scary horror house, my timid girlfriend, who was in front of me, started screaming. I mean, she was so scared she just kept on screaming at everything. death <== *definitely much scarier than this*

What made it worse was that her boyfriend was trying to hold her back physically and laughingly told her, "Look at them properly. There's nothing to be scared about!" ken <== *scary, no?*

But by holding her back in line, she got even more hysterical. pinch Hence, she latched her hand onto the back of a sweater, which belongs to a lady in front of her, and refused to let go.

So, on the one hand, her boyfriend was trying to grab a hold of her to make her look at the 'horrors' more carefully; on the other hand, she was jabbing him with her elbows to free herself while continued to hold on to that ladie's sweater for dear life! I mean, she must have pulled that sweater at least a foot long! tongue

Eventually, she managed to run away from her boyfriend and followed the people in front of her out of the horror house. wink

When we came out momentarily later, I couldn't decide which of the two I felt more sorry for---my girlfriend, who had this really sheepish look on her face OR that poor lady, who ended up with a misshapen sweater! laugh

And what about me, you ask? Did I get scared at all? Nah... not really. I just grabbed onto my boyfriend's arm and breezed through it. shades

As for my boyfriend, I think he got injured somehow inside the horror house. sad

What kind of injury? Well... he has been complaining about the NAIL MARKS on his arm. I WONDER where he got that, though... whistling

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14 Rapunzel  
ROFL I love the bad mood comment! HAHAHAHAHA

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9 Manwha!!  
Thanx so much for all the releases! How many more chapters are there of When the Fox Becomes the Wolf, because I'm waiting to read the last volume all at once like Crazy Girl Shin Bia

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10 Rapunzel  
There are 4 chapters left of The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf. ^^

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11 Meilin  
Hmm, I'm not positive but either 4 or 5 more chapters until FBW is finished (:

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12 Meilin  
Hehe there you have it!
It's 4 more chapters biggrin
Thanks Rapunzel~

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8 taadi  
thank you soooo much for wait! wolf i love it. the chapter was so cute!! yeah she is so lucky what the ri did was so cute too bad he or hwang sung can't tell her thier feelings

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7 Ariel  
Thank you vey much for the new release!!!

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6 Maya  
Yes! Yes! Yes! So many new chapters.
But I already forgot who Se Ryun was, so I actually had to look into Idol Shopping again. The idol that gets beaten by the heroine all the time. Well they do look alike now after The Ris change.
I am glad you found a new Typesetter to help you out.

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5 hang19can  
May I ask a question? Where are you from? It's 12 hours behinds our time, so I have been wondering for a while :). Thank you.

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3 nooon-sama  
Thanks 4 spoiling us ^^

by the way >> me 2
(((I check your web maybe 20 times a day! Thanks a lot for great work )))

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4 hang19can  
It's true. I am sorry that I don't know Korean, no experience witt editing, typesetting ... otherwise I would want to devote to HMR palace. But I enjoy every minute reading those great manga. So thanks a lot smile

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2 Bastian  
I love your website...thank you for making us so happy...once again, it is all very much appreciated...

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1 hang19can  
thanks so much! :-*
I check your web maybe 20 times a day! Thanks a lot for great work

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