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11:32 AM
Release #188
In case some of you are wondering here are some answers to a couple questions regarding the poll:

Q: When does the poll close?

A: The poll will close once we're finished LFO, and at that time the manhwa with the highest votes will become our new project.

Q: Say Say Say is currently being translated by another group, how will you be able to pick up this project?
A: I tried to double check all the projects on the poll to make sure that they weren't currently being worked on. If I'm mistaken I would appreciate it if the group translating the manhwa inform me ^^ I'd prefer the group as opposed to any individual just because I don't want a bunch of e-mails coming in for one project ^^;
Also I have contacted staff at Oblivious Love who were working on "Say Say Say" and we do have permission to pick this project up :)

Now on to today's Release:

Volume 7 Chapter 34
Hae Lee (Harry is supposed to be his English name ^^; Thanks to the reader who pointed that out) gets closer to discovering who Roy's brother is!
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8 Ramen  
Please let the other group finish Say Say Say. You guys aren't updating the HMR projects I enjoy anymore (in part b/c CGSB is done) and I'd love to be able to finish at least one of the series I follow.

Not to slam you guys at all-- I duper appreciate the scans. I just find Tackle on My Life and Look for Oppa confusing, boring, and generic.

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7 Yuuki  
Hi Meilin, I just wanted to let you know that it seems another group has picked up say say say, aside from oblivious love, and it seems they will finish it, I was just wondering how that is going to work or have u talked to them to see if they really will finish the project?? Well I wanted to tell u because they have been updating that project on mangafox practically every day. On a side note let me just say something else, i love all of HMR's palace hard work, u are all amazing and just wanted to give my thanx!!

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4 mary  
thaanks for the new releases, but i relly can't for wait wolf it's simply getting tooo interesting hope the next release will be of wait wolf...

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5 Meilin  
Hehe, I knew after that last chapter everyone would be waiting for the next ^^ It really is getting more interesting now biggrin

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3 bvanessa  
Thank you so much for your hard work!! You're fast!

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2 jackie  
CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your 5th Hwang Mi Ri project!! booze

Can't believe your team had this series all wrapped up in 5 1/2 months! Hooray!! clap

You guys are SO-a SO-a SO-a SO-a SOOOO FABULOUS!! <== *that's me rapping, BTW* dj

(backstage conversation)

Me: TRULY awesome! THANK YOU for all your hard work! You know we all LOVE you guys, right?
Team members: Aww... that's SO sweet. Thank you. shy

Me: It's true. We really RESPECT you all! You guys are SO GREAT!
Team members: If you say so, I guess it's TRUE! yes

Me: It's not so far-fetched to say that you guys are THE BEST Hwang Mi Ri team out there!
Team members: Well... I guess you are RIGHT! bb

Team members: Dang it! You better BELIEVE it! HA HA HA HA HA... devil

Me: Eeeeeeeeeek! eek

Of course, THANK YOU for all these other releases!! Great to see Look For Oppa! starting up again. happy

Ooo... we've a new translator? A BIG welcome to you, Jini! bye Now Rapunzel has someone to share 'work my butt off' workload. Righto?

As for the poll, I hope The Sexy Simpleton will maintain the lead! I'll always feel like something IS missing if I don't get to read this prequel. Abracadabra, let this series win! wizard

I won't be home to post my comment this Sunday evening, so before I leave I'm going to regale you with my usual witticisms. <== *basically, yapping* wink


Long, long, long, long, long, long time ago...

Year? 2009 Month? I can't remember. I told you it was a longggggg time ago... egypt

My parents brought a guest home for dinner. They proudly introduced me with glowing compliments; and because of that, I was acting demure all evening. mellow

After dinner, I left the adults to themselves and went to the other side of the room to read newly downloaded chapters. online2long

A short time later, while engrossed in my reading, I bursted out laughing! laugh

ACK!! Hwang Mi Ri, what did you do to me?!? Soooooo embarrassing...!! bag

Imagine the SHOCK and the DISPLEASURE my parents were experiencing... manythought

And what about the guest? I'm sure he was thinking, "Did I just hear such a raucous sound coming out of that young lady???" suspect

Arggggghhhh... What should I do?? What should I do?!? cry

Still, my quick-witted mind didn't fail me. So about ten seconds later, I (with a reddish face) coughed out loudly several times, put a hand on my forehead, and then turned slowly toward them and said, "Mom, I don't feel too good. I might have a fever. Ughhhh..." doctor

Ahhhh... I really could have been nominated for an Oscar for such a dramatic role at that moment... smok

Hey, Hollywood, here I come! Don't you all agree? HO HO HO HO HO... no

Lesson learned: STAY AWAY from Hwang Mi Ri when having guests you need to impress! dont

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6 Meilin  
surprised Something like that happened to me once too!
Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to act my way out of it so I just excused myself and went to my room (x

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1 nooon-sama  
We R getting so much enjoyment from Hwang Mi Ri's Palace
i personally really appreciate it ^^
many many thanks

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