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11:12 AM
Release #193
Weekend release ;D

Volume 8 Chapter 37
Roy and Francis confront the real Diana!

Volume 2 Chapter 6
Anyone else miss Ji Wu? ;)

Next week's releases should be ATOML and WW!
HSB will be updated when it's ready so please don't ask for a specific date because I can't give you one ^^;
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10 cliff  
thank you for the releases.....! Bad bad me... I started reading DC when I should've waiting for it to be completed. Now, I'm dying to see the next chapters. HMR's works are so addictive. I remembered I read Hot Blooded Woman in one sit from night to morning (until my eyes started to get really red and hurt). Also, not to mention that I couldn't do my homework as in the case of now X( thanks tho for all the hard work!!

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9 nooon-sama  
thank U sooooo much

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8 Maya  
Yeah, i miss Ji Wu as well. He seems cute and caring.
Thanks for the releases.

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7 lily  
thank you so much for the release!! I really love it ^^

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6 Ariel  
Thank you very much for the new releases!!!

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5 jackie  
THANK YOU for these releases, diligent team members!! happy

What kind of tea are you guys serving today? wink *Meilin, there's no tea emoticon?!*

Talking about tea, I remember reading about Japanese tea ceremony in the manga. I understand that it's a very old tradition and a beautiful ceremonial preparation and presentation. I have great respect for the host that can perform this type of ceremony. notworthy

But, no offense intended, IF I have to sit on my legs like that for hours, I won't be thinking about the tea! In fact, sitting like that for five minutes is enough for me to BOLT OUT the door! Argh... I need meditation... pray

***** (Prayers for Japan) *****


Talking about bolting reminds me of a painful experience that I had three years ago. weep

It was a hot, sizzling summer day, and we had to run a mile that particular day. pinch *Ugh... just thinking about it is making me sweat...*

Earlier in the week, we had a new classmate. She came and hung out together with my group when we did our indoor exercises. robot <== great form, huh?*

On that fateful day, I got paired up with her on that run. Before we started, she casually asked me, "Are you good at running?" I replied, "Not really, just so-so." She replied, "Me neither." At this point, I thought to myself, "Good! Now we both can take it really easy!" biggrin

We started out slowly enough. But within a short time later, she quickened up her pace. I thought to myself, "THIS IS CALLED TAKIN' IT EASY?!?" shock

I mean, my running speed is between walking and slow-paced jogging. If I DON'T HAVE to run, nothing on earth will make me run. You get the picture? *assume a model-like pose* snap

Needless to say, about ten minutes later, I was huffing and buffing and READY to drop. surrender Of course, to maintain 'image', I had to do that quietly as possible.

I sneaked a peek at her sideways, and she had the NERVE to look so calm and hardly broke a sweat! Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh... manythought

I never knew how competitive I was until this incident. Instead of slowing down, I refused to lose to her and kept running at her pace, EVEN IF IT KILLED ME! killed

So I just concentrate on getting enough air into my lungs and kept going, in spite of heavy sweating, dizziness, muscle cramps and nausea. I mean, I actually saw STARS during the daytime!! wacko

Oh Lordy, Lordy! Heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllpppppppppppppppp!!! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

When we finally finished, I was SO PROUD of myself for keeping up with her and still alive and standing. However, you wouldn't be able to tell that. Why? Because I was standing with hands on my knees, gasping for breath and sweat were pouring down my face! I must have looked like a 'drowned' cat at the time. cat <== *not as cute, definitely*

To maintain appearance, I shooed everyone away to go home ahead of me. After I breathed normally again, I went to the gym and laid down on the bench until I felt better. Then I wore this bag and went home.

Of course, after that I made sure to avoid her like the plague every time we had to run. *my vision of her* ==> alucard <== *enemy!*

~~~ THE END ~~~ badmood

Warning: my next post will be 'break wind' #2. Stay away if you've got delicate sensibilities. dont

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4 LiLi  
Thanks for these chapters ! ^^

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3 keri  
thanks for the releases!:)

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2 cellyon  
Thank you so much! biggrin Both these releases are greatly appreciated .

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1 sofeya  
thanke you to let me read good Manhwa

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