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12:36 PM
Release #194

Volume 7 Chapter 25
Two words.
Kang Y <3

Volume 7 Chapter 30
What happens when The Ri finds about about So Rin and Hwi Gyeong's relationship?
Will Hwi Gyeong have to choose between love and friendship?!

Next week's releases will not include a chapter of DC, instead it will be replaced with a chapter from another series :3
Views: 585 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, A Tackle on My Life
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8 Maya  
I would definitely try to choose love and friendship as well.
Let's look forward to next weekend releases and see
how you'll substitute DC. Thanks a lot as usual.

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7 cellyon  
Thank you so much for the new chapter of.Wait! Wolf! clap It was awesome! As usual, could I say. I love this manhwa

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6 jackie  
Thank you guys for all these consistent weekly releases!! happy

(thinking quietly)
Too bad Meilin is kind of secretive about the type of tea they're serving. dry


My family and I recently had a visit with my favorite aunt and uncle. I really had a great time there. biggrin

My aunt is pretty, intelligent, a great cook and a very funny woman. I just adore her. She's like my idol! angel1 <==*classy, no?*

I want to be just like her, EXCEPT... Except?? Yes, there is an exception... yes

Sadly, she has this "irritable bowel syndrome" disorder. Basically, cramping, abdominal pain, bloating gas, diarrhea and constipation. pinch

Because of this, she's afflicted with flatulence. So she'll occasionally, inadvertently, unintentionally 'break wind' while we're having a meal, chatting, or when she's laughing too hard. shock

It must have been hard for her at the beginning, but she's a PRO now in handling this delicate situation. showoff

How so? Well... when she accidentally breaks wind, she'll laugh out loud and say, "Excuse me, but it's doctor-approved!" laugh

How do we usually react to that? brows

--Mom ==> Her face turning a subtle pink with embarrassment & shooting my aunt a look of disapproval.

--Dad ==> Coughing & chuckling under his breath.

--Brother ==> Laughing quietly & shaking his head.

--Sister ==> Laughing a little self-consciously & demurely.

--My boyfriend (1st time) ==> Looking like the 'shock' emoticon above, except cuter.

--Me ==> Laughing helplessly & agreeing wholeheartedly with the 'doctor-approved' excuse.

I guess since she has to live with this condition, she might as well make the best of it, eh? Isn't she a strong lady? specool

She's definitely WAY better than me. I'd have SKIP town the moment I let a fart slip by! tongue

Ha... I think I need to grow a thicker skin. That way, I can let it GO, let it SLIP, let it RIP as often as needed in a Gung-ho manner! punk

Of course, we're much more composed when we all go out to a restaurant. My aunt will prepare herself with anti-gas medicines, and the rest of us will HOPE FOR THE BEST. ah

If and when the 'accident' happens, we'll try to cover up the noise with our own ruckus. Like what? Well... coughing loudly, talking loudly, laughing loudly, dropping silverware, etc. Ahhh... don't you just love this kind of family togetherness?? no

What about my favorite uncle, you ask? huh

Well... when IT happens, he will look fondly at my aunt, nod and laugh along with her. Ahhh... this is what I call TRUE LOVE! love

As a matter of fact, until my boyfriend CAN act and laugh nonchalantly with us, I'll never agree to marry him. Hmph! angry

Is it REALLY too much to ask a man, whom you're going to marry, to love you
unconditionally even if you have a propensity to fart wherever and whenever?! jumpon

So, my advice to ALL you ladies out there is, when you're being proposed to, LET IT RIP as loudly and as many as you can. If he's STILL standing around and want to marry you, you have FOUND yourselves a TRUE LOVE! serenade <== *he might even sing you a song, too!*

Will I follow my own advice? uhm

Um... who knows... whistling

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5 CatxBells  
Thank you guys! :DD

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4 nooon-sama  
keep going ^^

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3 Ariel  
Thank you very much!!!

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2 liana  
Thank you, you are wonderful :)

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1 sammieknd  
Thank You very much for this weeks releases!xD

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