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12:44 PM
Release #201
Hi everyone!
I'm glad you all enjoyed our 200th release ;D
We have another special release for you all today!
This time we're finishing off another project~
Look for Oppa is our 6th completed project 
A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has worked on this series!

Oh, TSS is now on MF for you readers. Remember we are starting from scratch for this series. You may want to wait until Vol 1 is completed before reading it on MF. :D
 Enjoy reading this week's releases.

 Hehe I thought the ending was pretty sweet

I loveee this series~ 
I'm also very amused by Hwi Gyeong's jealousy.
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17 Ashurei  
i finished it recently, and it was awesome!!! thank you guys soo much for doing this!! happy and CONGRATS on finishing this project!!! i love hwang mi ri's manhwas!! heart heart heart heart

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16 vizyo  
congratzz biggrin biggrin

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15 bluesora  
omg thank you i was waiting for lfo to read the ending
thank you <3333333333333333333333

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14 Alyssa  
AWESOME!!!! I love all of u!! I loved reading Look for oppa all the way to the end!! thanx 4 all da hard work!!! :D

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13 Luvmash  
Thank you so much! Love love LOVE you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12 LiLi  
Thank you so much for translated that project. He was really good!!
And good luck for the others! ;)

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11 gurlruz  
wow! congratz on completing LFO
thank you

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10 tresor  
thank you so much for your hard work, and i enjoyed reading look for oppa thanks to you :)

Congratulations on completing another project !

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9 Ariel  
Thank you very much for the new releases!!
And congrats on completing your 6th project! hands

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8 keric  
Even though I don't read LFO, congrats on completing your 6th project!

I'm happy to see a release of WW though! HG's jealousy is so much fun to read.

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