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1:23 PM
Release #217
Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know, for those of you requesting we pick up certain series I do make a note of them. However we will not pick up any projects being actively translated by other groups! So please keep that in mind. :)

Also, we'll try our best to get the next chapter of Delinquent Cinderella out as fast as possible~ Thank you all for being patient.

Here are this week's releases:

What happens after the kiss?!

I wonder how So Sul comes up with these evil schemes .. 
Will she ever learn?
Views: 1574 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Wait! Wolf, The Guy Who Will Give a Kiss for ₩
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15 wazzupabby  
I would like to thank you all for your hard work, though i must be the oldest among your followers but i really love mangas and manhwas... keep up the good work and more power,,,, can't wait for delinquent cinderella... once again More Power!!! [color=purple][size=8] biggrin

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14 Chimera  
I was wondering if the typesetter position is still open
Although, I have been told you guys need cleaners. I can help there too happy
(as long as SFXs arent too big and time consuming)

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13 jinks  
thanks for the releases! you guys are awesome. :)

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12 LiLi  
thank you so much!!

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11 cellyon  
Thank you so much for Wait! Wolf flowers I love that story ..pls keep releasing
hands You guys are so fast with releases, huge thanks again! heart

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10 Lynn  
Thank you so much for the new releases ^_^ I'm really excited to read Delinquent Cinderella.. :D Thank you ;) :D

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9 Maya  
Thanks for the releases. biggrin

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8 Cinthia and melody  
Hey Thanks for the new release and the update of delinquent Cinderella that manhwa is our fav!!! thank you for the hard work we really really appreciate it!!!!

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7 gurlruz  
tnx for the update... but please pick you are
i thinkj its drop so plz pick it up.. :-(

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6 celestine  
Thanks for new releases! Yay now get to know what happened next in TGWGK 500won

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