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8:30 PM
Release #228
Wow, it's hard to believe that in a few days we'll finally be in December! 
Let the countdown to the holidays begin! :D
I for one am very thrilled to the upcoming holidays. I just love the festive songs and festive drinks that coffee shops are selling~ ^^ It really puts me in the Christmas mood. 
Anyways, this week we have three releases for you all!

Poor Mi Ju! 
She's gone from a commercial celebrity to a labour worker. :( 
What a change that must have been!

What happens after too much drinking?!

I just love full moons! ^^
Views: 1513 | Added by: Meilin | Tags: Delinquent Cinderella, The Sexy Simpleton, A Tackle on My Life
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11 Koneko  
Thank you <3 The Sexy Simpleton is hilarious.

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10 lili  
LOVE all of your releases!!!! Thank you so much^^

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9 babygirljj  
thanks so much for all the releases!! i m so anxious to read them, especially The Sexy Simpleton..
thanks again!!!

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8 Financial planning  
Thanks for that awesome posting. Useful, and it saved MUCH time! :-)

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7 dancey  
Thanks so muchh!! I love The Sexy Simpleton!!! Oldie but goodie :) Love her old works, thanks for the chapter!! <3<3<3

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6 Andrew J. Gephart  
Impressive publish! STICK WITH IT!

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5 Maya  
I am in high x-mas spirits as well. santahat

Thanks for the releases.

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4 kleio  
Thank you!

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3 Trish  
Damn I thought I would be the first to comment ----anyway thx sooo sooooooo much for the releases am obsessed with delinquent cinderella and a tackle on my life they are utterly awesome!!!Hope y'all have a blessed holiday!!!,

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2 Cynthia  
Thank you for the releases I really love delinquent Cinderella !!!!Would not know how I will be able to read it w/o u guys :)

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